Recipes for Community

Recipes for Community is both a framework and a series of projects that grew from my first year living in Baltimore, MD, and shopping and working at the city’s farmers’ markets. It is based on the premise that community cannot be defined. Like a recipe, it adapts based on the ingredients available. Inspired by adrienne maree brown’s assertion that the quality of our lives and survival are tied to the authenticity of our relationships with each other and our places, each iteration of Recipes for Community creates the space to recognize our interdependence through the intention of our attention.

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Recipes for Community: Tastes of Home

A community storytelling gathering hosted in the Towson University West Village Garage, featuring live music, art making with local artists, and conversations with local farmers and small business owners. 

April 21-23, 2022

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Story Seeds

A storytelling and art-making project engaging the community present at the 32nd St. Farmers’ Market, exploring the role that stories play in investing in our local communities. 

October 2021

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Community is…

A 4-part exploratory workshop series looking to define “community” and our relationship to it, guided by stories of our communities and local farmers’ market produce. 

Summer 2021

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Investing in Community

Investing in the local economy is key to Recipes for Community, and whenever possible I try to financially compensate community partners. Thanks to the generosity of funders, as of April 2022 more than $7025 has gone to support local businesses, artists, farmers, non-profits, and community members.

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